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Music Publishing Programme

Arrangements to be considered for publication shall be in accordance with the following:

1. Arrangements shall be singable by the average BABS chorus.

2. The music shall be unaccompanied vocal music characterized by consonant four-part chords for every note in a predominantly homophonic texture.

3. The Melody is consistently sung by the lead.

4. The tenor harmonises above the melody.

5. The bass sings the lowest harmonizing note.

6. The baritone completes the chord.

7. The melody is not sung by the tenor apart from an infrequent note or two to avoid awkward voice leading or in tags or codas, or when some appropriate embellishing effect can be created.

8. Occasional brief passages may be sung by fewer than four voice parts.

9. The music features songs with understandable lyrics and easily singable melodies whose tones clearly define a tonal centre and imply major and minor chords and Barbershop (dominant and secondary dominant) seventh chords that resolve primarily around the circle of fifths while making use frequent use of other resolutions.

10. The music features a balanced and symmetrical form and a standard meter. The basic song and its harmonization are embellished by the arranger to provide support of the song's theme and to close the song effectively.

11. The music or arranged music shall not contain any material outwith the BABS code of ethics.

12. Modern and non-competitive songs are encouraged by BABS and a relaxation of rules 2 to 10 are permitted where demanded by the music .

13. The panel shall decide by consensus which arrangements are to be forwarded for publication.

14. It is recognised that there may be minor differences in opinion between the panel members. The Publishing Manager shall mediate in these cases. If there is still disagreement it shall be referred to the Director of Music Services.

15. The panel member shall make a recommendation and response no later the 3 weeks after receipt of the arrangement.

16. Should one panel member not be available then a decision is permitted by a minimum of 3 panel members.

David Strachan
BABS Music Publishing Manager
Endorsed by Quality Review Board