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The British Association of Barbershop Singers is a charity that exists to develop and promote harmony singing through encouragement, development and education. Harmony Foundation is the operating name of the charity. 

Donations to BABS Harmony Foundation are used to provide grants to help people to develop their skills. The charity has so far issued nearly £100,000 in grants to men and women, young and old alike.


Regular Giving

You are now able to support BABS Harmony Foundation, on an ongoing basis, with the new Planned Giving scheme through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). 

You can give a regular amount each month/quarter/year by Direct Debit specifying whether your donation should go in the Harmony Foundation Youth Fund or the Keep Harmony Alive Fund. The minimum donation is £2 per month. Complete the Gift Aid section and that will automatically add another 25p to every pound you give. So if you donate £10 per month, BABS will receive £12.50 per month including Gift aid. 

To sign up you can do this in two ways:

1. Securely on line through the Charities Aid Foundation using      the link below.

2. Print off a form to complete and return by post click here

Single Donation

If you prefer to make a single donation to Harmony Foundation, you can also do this at any time securely on line through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Again if you complete the Gift aid section, BABS will automatically receive 25p for every pound donated. Donations are accepted by both credit and debit card.

To make a donation click here


Legacy Through Your Will

When it comes to your Will, it’s only natural for your family and friends to come first in your thoughts. But you can also now make a donation, through a legacy to BABS Harmony Foundation. Leaving a bequest in your will, under current rules, is exempt from Inheritance Tax. 

To find out more information about leaving a gift to barbershop in your will please contact: The BABS Harmony Foundation Secretary.

Grants are available to provide grants to support singing competence, improve directing, coaching and arrangement skills plus the development of close harmony singing for young people.  

Costs, which may be met by a grant, are educational and course fees, residential fees and costs related to mounting an educational event. For more information on grants please contact: The BABS Harmony Foundation Secretary.