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The British Association of Barbershop Singers


The British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) is a registered charity supporting male barbershop singing in the UK. We are the largest barbershop organisation outside of North America, and have 60 registered choruses (choirs) and over 100 registered barbershop quartets.

More and more people are experiencing the thrill and excitement of singing harmony in the distinctive barbershop style, which has resulted in a significant increase in the membership of our association. They all share the joy of singing - but it’s the harmony that makes the difference!

Five Ways to Become a Member

1. Join a Registered Club

The great majority of our new members join BABS through this route. When you join a registered club you automatically become a full BABS member. You do not need to do anything further, as your club subscription includes the BABS membership fee. On joining you will receive a certificate of membership, a welcome letter from the BABS Chairman and a lapel badge. If you would like to sing barbershop and join one of our clubs click here to find the location of your nearest barbershop chorus. Make contact with them and you will be assured of a warm welcome.

Ladies are welcome to become members of a registered club and can hold management positions within the club. However within our Contest rules they cannot compete. In the case of a lady Musical Director they can direct the chorus in contest but must be a full BABS Member.

2. Become an Individual Member

This is for those people who are unable or do not wish to join a registered club. As an Individual member you can be a member of a barbershop quartet and will be eligible to enter the National Quartet Contests. You will become a member of the Don Amos Club and pay your subscription direct to BABS. This club is named in honour of Don, who died in 2002 and was a founder member of the association and was Life President for many years. Application can be made, by contacting the BABS Membership Secretary

Ladies can also become Individual Members of the Association and receive the appropriate benefits. However, they are unable to compete in quartet or chorus competitions.

Youth Membership –

This applies to all those aged under 26 on a qualifying date, whether working or in full time education. A reduced subscription rate applies to this class of membership through either a registered club or as an Individual Member. Concessions apply to charges for attending the BABS Annual Convention and BABS Harmony College

Guild of Judges –

All members of the Guild, including ladies, are required to be a full member of BABS, either through a registered club or as an individual member in the Don Amos club.

3. Associate Membership

This category of membership is open to all who wish to be linked to BABS without being a full member. You will receive reduced benefits from that of a full member. For details on how to join this category contact the BABS Membership Secretary

We believe that there is something special about singing barbershop harmony and if you join us we hope that you have  a long and happy membership of one of the country’s most energetic and enthusiastic groups of singers. There are 6000 men and women singing barbershop in the UK and 100,000 worldwide.

Join us in Harmony now!

Below is the Membership Categories chart for 2018 - click on the chart below to download and/or print it.