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The sources for material and information on Barbershop music are numerous and diverse. This page endeavours to point you to the source of all that information. You will need to spend a little time sifting through the large amount of information available and exercise a little patience until you find what you require - but it is all here!


Revised August 2014

This page contains the following main sections - click on the one you wish to view

Criteria for choosing a song
Finding the song you want
Music Learning Materials

Download songs and tags
Music Publishing Programme
Harmony Store Price List

Pricing criteria
Taxes on imported goods
How to Order
Music & Learning Track Prices
New rules for US unpublished music

Some Criteria for choosing a song

  • Is the song good barbershop (critical for contest but not for other requirements)?
  • Does the song fit into the repertoire and sing out options?
  • Is the song likely to be very popular with audiences and encourage sing along?
  • Is it within the learning ability of the group?
  • If costs are important, check if there is an arrangers fee.
  • Does the song have copyright clearance?
  • Do teach materials exist for the song?
  • Will it help the group sing-outs in the area in which they want to work (singing in homes, for charity etc).?


Finding the song you want

There are a number of sources for barbershop music for men and the main ones are listed and detailed below - click on the ones you want. All are either available from BABS or they can provide assistance with getting these materials.

A price table for all music related items can be found at the end of this document - click here


  • NEW FOR 2017 - BHS Online Store for songs with Worldwide Rights

In 2017, the Barbershop Harmony Society grouped together 385 great arrangements with Worldwide Rights for you to order online, and in some cases download instantly. There are a variety of songs to choose from, including arrangements for male, female and mixed groups, Christmas songs, religious songs, patriotic songs, all from a variety of eras. There are arrangements made famous by groups such as OC Times, Main Street and Instant Classic. The section of the BHS Harmony Store can be found on this link:

  •  BABS Millennium Music Publications.

We currently have 17 arrangements that have been copyright cleared. A list is on the BABS website click here

  • BABS Published Songbooks

We currently have one songbook – “Songs for Special Occasions”. This contains 12 songs and a list can be found here and a set of 4 learning CD’s using the Myriad Artificial Voice system is now available for this songbook. All clubs have copies with permission to make copies for all members. Additional copies can be obtained from the Harmony Store - click here for Price List & contact details

  • BABS ‘Unpublished’ Music

Music not used in the Millennium publication scheme and many other arrangements by BABS members are available for purchase. Note that a lot of this music is in hand written form and there are no guidelines as to the difficulty of the arrangement. A list can be found here

Preview ‘unpublished’ music
BABS offers a service for anyone wishing to preview the unpublished music and the cost for this is £3.50 (£4.00 non members) for each arrangement up to a maximum of £10.00 (£12.00 non members) which is the charge for 5 arrangements. Each piece will be supplied for review purposes only and will be accompanied by the following Review Copyright Notice (RCN) :
“This music is strictly for review and is not to be copied or performed. If it is not needed, you are asked to return it to the BABS Music Publications Manager within 60 days. If you intend to keep, perform or disseminate it in any way, please inform the BABS Music Publications Manager who will advise how full copyright clearance can be obtained.”

  • Steve Hall Section (unpublished)

The late Steve Hall produced a large number of arrangements. A list can be found here. Costs and copyright issues for these are the same as the other unpublished arrangements from BABS.

  • The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) Published Music.

The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) Published Music. This is the music found in the BHS music catalogue. The catalogue is available as a pdf file or a spreadsheet (Excel) format downloadable from here It contains both published and unpublished music. Published songs 'generally' have a 4 digit product ID. For some of the music, the catalogue shows the degree of difficulty and whether learning CD's are available.

Preview option
There is also a preview option available for Society published music. If you wish to view one or more arrangements, up to 5 pieces can be 'borrowed' from the BABS display set. Cost available on request. This music must be returned in30 days.

  • The Barbershop Harmony Society Published Songbooks

There are a number of songbooks available such as the Heritage of Harmony Songbook; the Barberpole Cat series; various collations of well-known Barbershop songs through to Christmas Songs and a selection of Gospel arrangements.

  • The Barbershop Harmony Society Unpublished Music

This is the music found in the music catalogue from BHS and the catalogue is available as indicated above in US Published music.
Until early 2007, unpublished songs were prefixed with the letter U followed by 5 digits.  Since the move to Nashville, BHS have installed a new operating system which does not distinguish between published and unpublished music. If ordering something with 6 digits it is as well to check with the BABS Harmony Store Manager click here to see if it is a published or unpublished song.
Please note that new rules on purchasing unpublished music were issued in December 2012 and these can be found at the end of this document - click here

Note that there are no guidelines as to the difficulty of the unpublished arrangements. Generally there are no teaching CD’s but teaching materials can be commissioned from BABS or BHS specialists - click here

  • Miscellaneous sources (other organisations and individual arrangers)

There are many ‘private’ catalogues of Barbershop arrangements from such people as David Wright, Aaron Dale and other well known arrangers. Access to these is by the web and you can follow the guidelines they show for getting legal copies. There are also arrangements for women which may be of interest and it may be possible to transpose these into a men’s key. LABBS, Harmony Inc. and Sweet Adelines have catalogues on their web sites.

A combined Catalogue of BHS and BABS music is available here:  PDF file   Excel File


Music Learning Materials

One of the great things about Barbershop is the availability of audio learning materials for many of our published songs.
Teach tapes are no longer available from BHS - they have now moved completely to learning CD’s

Learning CD single song with all four voice parts (as available)
Multi-song (e.g. songbook) learning CD’s (as available)

Learning CD’s are available for a high proportion of BHS published music.

For BABS Published music we do have some full voice part learning tracks available. For the rest we can supply a midi file style recording of each of the parts.

There are some popular BABS song teach tracks freely available from here

Where no learning materials exist (generally the case for unpublished music) you can commission full voice learning CD’s from a number of sources in BABS and BHS. Several of these are to be found on the BABS website - click here

Finally, there exist a number of commercial computer programmes that can make artificial voice learning tracks. While not ideal, these are very accurate and the singer never runs out of breath! One popular programme from Myriad has been used to create a number of tracks for BABS (the Songs for All Occasions have been made in this way) and a number of members of BABS members have collaborated to create a list of songs that have been converted to artificial voiced learning tracks. The leader of this programme is Richard Thomas



The rules on International Copyright and how to get approvals for music are quite complicated and we recommend that you view the guides on this subject: CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FULL COPYRIGHT GUIDE. The general rule with regard to all unpublished music is that you need to secure approval to make multiple copies from the owner of the copyright in the UK (or whatever country you will use the music in). BABS does not have the resources to do this for you but you can find information on copyright together with forms: CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE COPYRIGHT DOCUMENT CENTRE. In addition our specialist Rod Adams may be able to assist you if you have problems.


Pricing criteria

Most of what is sold through the BABS Harmony Store comes from America. BABS has a special arrangement with BHS for purchasing goods and some of the prices paid to BABS are retained by BABS to run the store but more importantly to bring in much needed funds for Harmony Foundation. In addition the exchange rate fluctuation can play a big part in prices. Prices are monitored regularly by BABS to ensure that BABS members get as good a deal as possible from this arrangement.

A charge (£4.00) per order is applied for post and handling.


Taxes on imported goods

Customers need to be aware that deliveries with a value of over £18.00 are sometimes subjected to a customs and excise charge of between 15% and 25%. Shipments from BHS are declared as ‘for educational purposes’ but charges may be levied in any case. If this happens, there may be an extra charge that has to be paid and you will be informed of this by the BABS Harmony Store manager.

In addition changes in shipping and handling costs and changes in the dollar conversion rate may require prices to be increased to cover these extra costs.


How to Order

We are reviewing the use of on-line ordering and will move to that in due course. In the meantime, orders and enquiries should be directed to the Harmony Store Manager (Mike Lofthouse) by email (preferred method), post or telephone. Contact details are:

Mike Lofthouse, 35 Casterbridge Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2AH
Email     Telephone 01305 265374

The following Methods of payment can be used:

Cheque payable to BABS

  • Cheques should be sent to: Mike Lofthouse at the address above

Credit or Debit card with all the following details:

  • Full name and postal address including post code
  • Telephone number and / or email address
  • Card number
  • Start date and Expiry date
  • Issue number (for debit cards only)

The entry on your card statement will reference "British Association Warwick"

(BACS) Payment by inter bank transfer

  • CAF Bank Ltd; Account Name British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS can be used if space is limited)
  • Sort code; 40-52-40   Account number: 00022751
  • Please quote your order number HS nxyz (as given on letters or email) and send an email to  when the payment has been made.

 Please note that payment is due immediately the order is placed.


Music and learning track prices November 2013

Note a price list for all goods available from BABS Harmony Store can be found here

Sheet Music

Members Price

Non Members Price

US published music. Minimum order 4 pieces



UK Published



US unpublished music – price depends on numbers ordered and whether there is an arrangers fee to be paid

Please refer to HS manager
for pricing

Please refer to HS
manager for pricing

UK unpublished preview

£2.50 per piece
5 for £10.00

£3.00 per piece
5 for £12.00

UK unpublished Multiple copies - price depends on numbers ordered and whether there is an arrangers fee to be paid

Please refer to HS manager
for pricing

Please refer to HS
manager for pricing

Learning tracks



Learning tracks (mainly for US published music) come as a CD with all 4 voice parts and sometimes an ensemble track. Contact the Harmony Store manager for help on finding other sources of tracks.






BABS special occasions songbook.(less10 % for 5 or more copies)



Teach CD’s (artificial voice) for BABS special occasions songbook.



An Introduction To Barbershop Singing For Youth Songbook



Gospel Learning Tapes / Folios
Teaching materials are available Learning Tapes or CD’s

Music Folios £8.00
£6.00 / voice

Music Folios £10.00
£7.00 / voice

Harmony Classics Show Package - music
CD ( all voice parts )
Package of music and learning CD


£ 0.00

Heritage of Harmony Songbook



Hymns For Him



Barberpole Cat, Barbershop



Sing Along Songs, Wonderful Songs Of Yesterday, Potpourri Songbook, Just Plain Barbershop, Songs Of Inspiration. Strictly Barbershop, Yuletide Favorites



CD (all voice parts) for most of the above songbooks.



Note that a charge (£4.00) per order is applied for post and handling. Consolidation of orders can reduce this cost and will be done wherever feasible.


In December 2012, the Barbershop Harmony Society changed the way unpublished music can be purchased and issued the following statement

"Due to new compliance requirements with the various copyright societies outside of the USA and Canada, the Society had to make immediate changes to our procedures for international sales of unpublished sheet music arrangements. As a result of these changes, your purchase is for a reference copy only”.

If you wish to make multiple copies of the arrangement then you should pay the arrangers fee if one is associated with the arrangement(s). This can be done through Harmony store. You must also contact the owner of the copyright in the UK to obtain the necessary permissions for making legal copies.
BABS Harmony store can help find the contacts needed to help you comply with these rules.

Arrangers fees (if applicable) – are generally in the range £20 - £60

To summarise, the total cost will be made up from :
> The price for one copy for review.
> The arrangers fee if there is one.
> Copyright fees payable in the UK


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