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Contest Entries 2019/2020

We are now accepting entries for our 2019/2020 Contest Season.

This includes the Male Chorus Contest, to be held in Harrogate on Saturday 23rd May 2020, the Mixed Chorus Contest, to be held in Harrogate on Sunday 24th May 2020, and the Quartet Contests, which will begin in Sheffield on the weekend of 9th & 10th November 2019, and conclude in Harrogate on the weekend of 22-24th May 2020.

The deadline for entering the Quartet Contest is midnight on Sunday 29th September 2019, whilst the deadline for entering the Male and Mixed Chorus Contests is midnight on Sunday 27th October 2019.

Entry is by online form only. To enter, please click on the relevant link below.

To enter the Quartet Contests (including National, Youth and Seniors Contests), click here.

To enter the Male Chorus Contest, click here.

To enter the Mixed Chorus Contest, click here.